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GPU-based digital image correlation system for uniaxial and biaxial crack growth investigations

: Conrad, Fabian; Blug, Andreas; Kerl, Julian; Fehrenbach, Jonathan; Regina, David Joel; Bertz, Alexander; Kontermann, Christian; Carl, Daniel; Oechsner, Matthias

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Procedia Structural Integrity 28 (2020), pp.2195-2205
ISSN: 2452-3216
Virtual European Conference on Fracture (VECF) <1, 2020, Online>
Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Energie BMWi (Deutschland)
IGF; 20239 N/1; ARIMA
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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digital image correlation; cyclic fatigue; Uniaxial Strain-Control; Biaxial Strain-Control; crack detection

Experiments to describe the crack growth behavior are expensive and complex, while the evaluation depends mainly on the determined crack lengths over the testing period. Digital image correlation (DIC) is well established for crack-length and displacement measurements, but it normally requires sample preparation with speckle paint and interferes with mechanical extensometers. Novel GPU-based DIC system capable of measuring total strain at rates up to 850 Hz and strain-fields overcome these limitations. We present first results of fatigue crack growth experiments with uniaxially und biaxially loaded specimens. The force controlled tests under room-temperature conditions were accompanied by conventional measuring systems comprising a side extensometer, an ACPD-measurement system and the GPU-based DIC system. The results indicate that DIC-measured crack depth correlates well with ACPD crack depth values. Furthermore, the crack-flank displacements derived from DIC-evaluation are in good agreement with 2D-FEM simulations. The GPU-based DIC-System appears as a promising measurement technique for crack growth investigations.