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Effects of chemical compositions on plating characteristics of alkaline non-cyanide electrogalvanized coatings

: Wanotayan, Thanyalux; Kantichaimongkol, Pongsakorn; Chobaomsup, Viriyah; Sattawitchayapit, Sirikarn; Schmid, Klaus; Metzner, Martin; Chookajorn, Tongjai; Boonyongmaneerat, Yuttanant

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Nanomaterials 10 (2020), No.11, Art. 2101, 12 pp.
ISSN: 2079-4991
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Charakterisierung; Elektrode; Nanostruktur; Zink

The effects of zinc and sodium hydroxide concentrations in an alkaline non-cyanide zinc bath on the electrodeposition characteristics of zinc deposits are systematically investigated. Using microstructural and phase analyses of specimens with specifically designed geometries, the study indicates that the bath formulations critically control the electrogalvanizing characteristics and affect the coating surface morphology, deposition rate, throwing power, coating uniformity, and residual stresses developed during and after electrogalvanizing. The coatings produced from baths with a moderate Zn-to-NaOH ratio of 0.067–0.092 appear to provide uniform and compact deposits, moderately high deposition rate, and relatively low residual stresses.