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Economic management based on hybrid MPC for microgrids

A Brazilian energy market solution
: Conte, E.; Mendes, P.R.C.; Normey-Rico, J.E.

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Energies 13 (2020), No.13, Art. 3508, 20 pp.
ISSN: 1996-1073
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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This paper proposes a microgrid central controller (MGCC) solution to the energy management problem of a renewable energy-based microgrid (MG). This MG is a case study from the Brazilian energy market context and, thus, has some operational particularities and rules to be obeyed. The MGCC development was based on a hybrid model predictive control (HMPC) strategy using the mixed logical dynamic (MLD) approach to deal with logical constraints within the HMPC structure, which results in a mixed integer programming (MIP) problem. The development of the solution is done through economic and dynamic modeling of the MG components; furthermore, it also takes into account the energy compensation rules of the Brazilian energy market and the white energy tariff. These conditions are specified through a set of MLD constraints. The effectiveness and performance of the proposed solution are evaluated through high-fidelity numerical simulation.