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Basic considerations for a digital twin of biointelligent systems: Applying technical design patterns to biological systems

: Miehe, Robert; Horbelt, Jessica; Baumgarten, Yannick; Bauernhansl, Thomas


CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 31 (2020), pp.548-560
ISSN: 1755-5817
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Biointelligenz; Biologie; Digitaler Zwilling; Digitalisierung

Biointelligence is one of the most noted technological innovation paths. In the future, biological and technical systems are expected to interact and learn from each other to optimally solve a given production task. Therefore, a data driven monitoring of both the biological and technical system is just as essential as ensuring interoperability between different manufacturing systems and across enterprise boundaries. In this context, the Digital Twin concept is a promising approach for physical production environments. However, in order to transfer the concept to a biological subsystem of a production process several hurdles have to be taken. Among others, these include the hitherto distinct interpretation of the concept in the life sciences and the corresponding pre-structuring of living systems. In this paper we present basic considerations for a transfer of the asset administration shell and the RAMI4.0 architecture to biological subsystems. We develop the fundamentals of an integrated scalable model which will ensure the interoperability of biointelligent manufacturing systems. As such, the paper is to be understood as a contribution to clarification between approaches from production research and the life sciences. Its primary aim is to initiate a scientific discourse across disciplinary boundaries.