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Wave field synthesis: New possibilities for large-scale immersive sound reinforcement

: Brandenburg, K.; Brix, S.; Sporer, T.

International Commission for Acoustics:
Acoustical science and technology for quality of life. Proceedings of ICA 2004, the 18th International Congress on Acoustics. CD-ROM : Kyoto International Conference Hall, 4-9 April 2004, Kyoto, Japan
Tokyo: ICA, 2004
ISBN: 4-9901915-6-0
2 pp.
International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) <18, 2004, Kyoto>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IDMT ()
acoustic field; acoustic generators; acoustic radiator; architectural acoustics; hearing; sound reproduction

Wave field synthesis (WFS), pioneered by Delft Technical University, has been around as a research topic for around 15 years. With the implementation of a large WFS array in the Ilmenau cinema, new applications for WFS technology are around the corner. The paper gives an introduction to basic WFS theory, explains major application areas including cinemas, concert halls and music performances (indoor and outdoor) of all kinds. For larger WFS arrays, some new problems had to be solved. Current designs allow better audio for large audiences including virtual sound sources at perceived locations inside and outside the array perimeter.