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Nanopartikulaeres Silber enthaltende biozide Zusammensetzung

Composition, useful to prepare e.g. biocides and anti-fouling compositions, comprises nano-particulate silver and further a component of silver salts, nano-particulate zinc oxide, chitosan and its derivative
: Schmid, H.

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DE 102005041005 A: 20050829
DE 2005-102005041005 A: 20050829
WO 2006-EP65581 A: 20060823
DE 102005041005 A1: 20070301
WO 2007025917 A1: 20070308
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Die Erfindung betrifft eine Zusammensetzung, die nanopartikulaeres Silber und mindestens einen weiteren Bestandteil, ausgewaehlt aus der Gruppe, bestehend aus Silbersalzen, nanopartikulaerem Zinkoxid, Chitosan und Chitosanderivaten, enthaelt, ihre Verwendung als Biozid sowie zur Herstellung biozid ausgeruesteter Produkte.


DE 102005041005 A1 UPAB: 20070510 NOVELTY - Composition comprises nano-particulate silver and further at least a component of silver salts, nano-particulate zinc oxide, chitosan and its derivative. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are included for: (1) masterbatch for the composition containing of 1-50 mass.% of nano-particulate silver, silver salt, nano-particulate zinc oxide, chitosan and its derivative; and (2) a method for the preparation of biocide containing products comprising introducing and/or applying the composition in and/or on the products. USE - The composition is useful for the preparation of: biocides; surface-active medicine products such as catheter, heart valves, surgical instruments, implants like bones- and/or cartilage materials, tooth implants, sore basis and sanitary articles; anti-fouling composition; wood laminating agent; carpets or mats; floor coverings and surface coatings, which are contacted with food. The composition is useful for: surface coating of plastics, air conditioning systems, fibers, fabrics, textiles and paper; cleaning minerals or artifical resins; combating biological materials (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The composition exhibits improved biocidal effect.