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UV-curable furniture coatings with low emissions

: Salthammer, T.; Hofmockel, U.; Lokai, M.; Prieto, J.; Hansemann, W.

RadCureLetter (1999), No.6, pp.92-95
ISSN: 0945-8409
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()

UV-curable systems for furniture manufacturing form a major and growing field in radiation curing. The photoinitiators being used in these materials must fulfill requirements like non-yellowing, low odour and high reactivity. Reaction products being produced during fragmentation of the photoinitiators may contribute to indoor air pollution. Hence, new photoinitiators with less volatile fragmentation products have been developed. The article will give a comprehensive overview of VOC-measurements taken after application of UV-curable furniture coatings with various photoinitator systems. One of the main conclusions: The actual state of the art allows the production of low-emission and fit for use UV-curing furniture coatings under the condition that a suitable combination of binder and photoinitiator is provided.