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Study of structure and properties of Fe-based amorphous ribbons after pulsed laser interference heating

: Czyz, Olaf; Kusinski, Jan; Radziszewska, Agnieszka; Liao, Zhongquan; Zschech, Ehrenfried; Kac, Malgorzata; Ostrowski, Roman

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Journal of materials engineering and performance 29 (2020), No.10, pp.6277-6285
ISSN: 1059-9495
National Science Centre NCN (Poland)
UMO-2015/19/B/ST8/01070; OPUS 10
National Centre for Research and Development NCBR (Poland)
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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FeSiB; microstructure; magnetic properties; HRTEM

The paper is devoted to the study of microstructural and magnetic properties of the Fe-based amorphous ribbons after interference pulsed laser heating. The ternary amorphous alloy FeSiB, as well as the multi-component alloys FeCuSiB and FeCuNbSiB, was subjected to laser pulses to induce crystallization in many microislands simultaneously. Structure and properties changes occurred in laser-heated dots. Detailed TEM analysis from a single dot shows the presence of FeSi(α) nanocrystals in the amorphous matrix. The FeSiB alloy is characterized after conventional crystallization by a dendritic structure; however, the alloys with copper as well copper and niobium additions are characterized by the formation of equiaxed crystals in the amorphous matrix. Amorphous alloys before and after the laser heating are soft magnetic; however, conventional crystallization leads to a deterioration of the soft magnetic properties of the material.