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Too big to see: Exploring proxies of structure in a real large-scale university-industry cooperation network

: Campbell, Yuri

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Online im WWW, 2020, arXiv:2009.11113, 5 pp.
Geography of Innovation Conference (GEOINNO) <5, 2020, Stavanger>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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We investigate static and dynamic topologies of a 2-mode real world university-industry cooperation network. Due to its large size and complex structure, we choose to use statistical proxies for this goal. Among the findings, we shall call attention to the rank-size distribution of the firm node degrees with power law signature log-linear behavior. Which invokes hints of a complex network architecture, as a counterpoint to the random case. We compare furthermore the rank-size distributions of both modes with other real-world 2-mode large-scale networks and draw parallels for their causes. Moreover, we investigate structural change in the network by computing Robins-Alexander clustering coefficients in a rolling window fashion in order to capture topological change in the network temporal evolution. Findings suggest that network stability is achieved after a short transition phase of high clustering and cross-correlation.