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Experimental and numerical investigations of pressure-controlled resin transfer molding (PC-RTM)

: Seuffert, J.; Rosenberg, P.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.; Kothmann, M.H.; Deinzer, G.

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Created on: 17.10.2020

Advanced manufacturing: polymer & composites science : AMPCS 6 (2020), No.3, pp.154-163
ISSN: 2055-0359
ISSN: 2055-0340
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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To increase the use of fiber reinforced lightweight structural components in the automotive industry, their manufacturing processes have to obtain demanding economic requirements. One possibility is to use Compression Resin Transfer Molding (CRTM), which is fast and can be highly automated. One disadvantage can be the very high cavity pressure during injection. To avoid this disadvantage, a pressure-controlled RTM (PC-RTM) process was developed. PC-RTM uses a variable mold gap height and an embedded pressure sensor to control the cavity pressure actively during mold filling. In this work, we investigate this process by experiments and simulations with varying initial mold gap and controlled cavity pressure. We show that PC-RTM is a viable manufacturing process with short cycle times and high robustness. Furthermore, the simulations are validated by comparison to the experiments and show the same process characteristics.