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Directly printed low-cost nanoparticle sensor for vibration measurement during milling process

: Min, S.-H.; Lee, T.H.; Lee, G.-Y.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.; Ahn, S.-H.

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Materials 13 (2020), No.13, Art. 2920, 12 pp.
ISSN: 1996-1944
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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A real-time, accurate, and reliable process monitoring is a basic and crucial enabler of intelligent manufacturing operation and digital twin applications. In this study, we represent a novel vibration measurement method for workpiece during the milling process using a low-cost nanoparticle vibration sensor. We directly printed the vibration sensor based on silver nanoparticles positioned onto a polyimide substrate using an aerodynamically-focused nanomaterials printing system, which is a direct printing technique for inorganic nanomaterials positioned onto a flexible substrate. Since it does not require any post-process such as chemical etching and heat treatment, a highly sensitive vibration sensor composed of a microscale porous structure was fabricated at a cost of several cents each. Furthermore, accurate and reliable vibration data was obtained by simple and direct attachment to a workpiece. In this study, we discussed the performance of vibration measurement of a fabricated sensor in comparison to a commercial vibration sensor. Using frequency and power spectrum analysis of obtained data, we directly measured the vibration of workpiece during the milling process, according to a process parameter. Lastly, we applied a fabricated sensor for the digital twins of turbine blade manufacturing in which vibration greatly affects the quality of the product to predict the process defects in real-time.