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Investigation of the Applicability of Raman Spectroscopy as Online Process Control during Consumer Milk Production

: Reiner, Jasmin; Protte, Kristin; Hinrichs, Jörg

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ChemEngineering 4 (2020), No.3, Art. 45, 16 pp.
ISSN: 2305-7084
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Chemometrics; Milch; Principal Component Analysis (PCA); Prozessanalyse; Raman Spektroskopie; Schaum; Schäumen; Sensor

Online detection of product defects using fast spectroscopic measurements is beneficial for producers in the dairy industry since it allows readjustment of product characteristics or redirection of product streams during production. Raman spectroscopy has great potential for such application due to the fast and simple measurement. Its suitability as online sensor for process control was investigated at typical control points in consumer milk production being raw milk storage, standardization, and heat treatment. Additionally, the appropriateness of Raman spectroscopy to act as indicator for product application parameters was investigated using the example of barista foam. To assess the suitability of a pure online system, the merit of Raman spectra was evaluated by a principal component analysis (PCA). Thereby, proteolytic spoilage due to the presence of extracellular enzymes of Pseudomonas sp. was detected and samples based on the applied heat treatment (extended shelf life (ESL) and ultra-high temperature (UHT)) could be separated. A correlation of the content of free fatty acids and foam stability with spectra of the respective milk samples was found, allowing a prediction of the technofunctional quality criterion “Barista” suitability of a UHT milk. The results underlined the suitability of Raman spectroscopy for the detection of deviations from a defined product standard of consumer milk.