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Effect of the passivating coating type, particle size, and storage time on oxidation and nitridation of aluminum powders

: Gromov, A.A.; Il'in, A.P.; Foerter-Barth, U.; Teipel, U.


Combustion, explosion and shock waves 42 (2006), No.2, pp.177-184
ISSN: 0010-5082
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Processes of nonisothermal oxidation, nitridation, and ageing of aluminum powders with different particle sizes (nano-sized powder, ASD-1 powder, and PAP-2 powder) are considered. Application of non-oxide coatings onto particles of aluminum nanopowders reduces their thermal stability. Owing to scale-shaped particles, the PAP-2 powder after long-time storage preserves high activity of oxidation and nitridation, which is commensurable with that of the aluminum nanopowder. The activity of the coarse ASD-1 powder consisting of spherical particles in terms of oxidation and nitridation is low and only slightly changes during ageing.