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Production processes and applications for the passive alignment of microcomponents

: Brecher, C.; Lange, S.; Peschke, C.; Weinzierl, M.; Spanier, G.; Mokwa, W.


Gatzen, H.H.:
Colloquium on Micro Production 2005. Special issue : 2 - 3 March 2005, Aachen
Berlin: Springer, 2006 (Microsystem technologies 12.2006, Nr.7)
Colloquium on Micro Production <2005, Aachen>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()

Research into structural elements for the passive alignment of microcomponents is an essential part of the framework of the collaborative research center 440 (SFB 440). For this purpose, V-groove structures for the passive alignment of cylindrical microcomponents are in a first step examined theoretically. The theoretical results are then validated by experimental testing. The use of ultra precision engineering processes, such as diamond machining, for the production of passive alignment structures is then introduced and the alignment precision of these structures is measured by the use of glass fibres representing the cylindrical microcomponents and acting as light sources for the optical observation of the alignment accuracy. In addition, these structures are compared with alignment structures which are fabricated through lithographic and micro-electroplating processes.