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Experiences and methods from integrating evidence-based software engineering into education

: Jedlitschka, A.; Ciolkowski, M.


Münch, J.; Vierimaa, M.:
Product-focused software process improvement : 7th international conference, PROFES 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 12-14, 2006. Proceedings
Berlin: Springer, 2006 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4034)
ISBN: 3-540-34682-1
International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement (PROFES) <7, 2006, Amsterdam>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IESE ()

In today's software development organizations, methods and tools are employed that frequently lack sufficient evidence regarding their suitability, limits, qualities, costs, and associated risks. For example, in Communications of the ACM (Communications of the ACM May 2004/Vol. 47, No. 5) Robert L. Glass, taking the standpoint of practitioners, asks for help from research: "Here's a message from software practitioners to software researchers: We (practitioners) need your help. We need some better advice on how and when to use methodologies". Therefore, he demands:
- a taxonomy of available methodologies, based upon their strengths and weaknesses;
- a taxonomy of the spectrum of problem domains, in terms of what practitioners need;
- a mapping of the first taxonomy to the second (or the second to the first).
The evidence-based Software Engineering Paradigm promises to solve parts of these issues by providing a framework for goal-oriented research leading to a common body of knowledge and, based on that, comprehensive problemoriented decision support regarding SE technology selection.