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Gene carriers based on hexanediol diacrylate linked oligoethylenimine: Effect of chemical structure of polymer on biological properties

: Kloeckner, J.; Bruzzano, S.; Ogris, M.; Wagner, E.


Bioconjugate Chemistry 17 (2006), No.5, pp.1339-1345
ISSN: 1043-1802
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()

Two biodegradable polycations based on hexanediol diacrylate linked oligoethylenimine (OEI) were synthesized by applying different reaction temperatures, 20 degrees C (LT-OEI-HD) and 60 degrees C (HT-OEI-HD). Their structural properties were analyzed by NMR, FTIR, and SEC/MALLS ( size exclusion chromatography coupled with multiangle laser light scattering detection). Reaction temperature strongly influenced molecular weight and ester/amide ratio and thus resulted in polycations with different biological activities and degradation profiles. LT-OEIHD was an ester-based polycation of 8.7 kDa which degraded rapidly at pH 7 and pH 9 respectively. HT-OEI-HD had a molecular weight of 26.6 kDa, was mainly based on amides, and degraded more slowly than LT-OEIHD. Both polymers mediated gene transfer as efficiently as linear polyethylenimine of 22 kDa in two cell lines while being less toxic at their optimal conjugate/plasmid (C/P) ratios. LT-OEI-HD needed higher C/P ratios for gene delivery; however, it was significantly less toxic than HT-OEI-HD.