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A Feedforward Compensated High-Voltage Linear Regulator with Fast Response, High-Current Sinking Capability

: Sakolski, Oleg; Kumar Poongodan, Prajith; Vanselow, Frank; Maurer, Linus


IEEE solid-state circuits letters 3 (2020), pp.114-117
ISSN: 2573-9603
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMFT ()
feedforward; compensation; high voltage (HV); LDO; linear regulator; power management

This letter presents a high-voltage (HV) linear regulator utilized as a low side rail in a two HV levels switching scheme which drives a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer. A novel topology of a linear regulator with high-current sinking capability is proposed. It regulates an input voltage of 70 V into a stable output voltage of 66 V, and it can sink currents up to 100 mA. The total quiescent current is 288µA. The regulator exhibits line regulation of 90 mV/V and a load regulation of 1.7 mV/mA. Power efficiency of 94.01% was achieved. The project is realized in an HV 0.18-µm silicon on insulator (SOI) process. The physical layout was created and occupies a die area of 0.15 mm2. The functionality was evaluated through simulations and measurements.