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Low-Loss Multimode Glass Waveguides With Beam-Expanded Fiber Connectors Enabling On-Board Optical Links

: Brusberg, L.; Zakharian, A.R.; Neitz, M.; Li, S.; Hathaway, B.A.; Kuchinsky, S.A.; Beneke, P.; Schröder, H.


Journal of Lightwave Technology 38 (2020), No.6, pp.1350-1357
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Ion-exchange glass waveguides are a very promising technology with a balanced trade-off between optical loss, integration density, and fabrication costs. Graded-index multimode waveguides show low propagation loss of only 0.035 dB/cm at wavelength of 1310 nm in glass, compatible with large scale manufacturing. For fiber cable connectivity, expanded beam connectors were used to terminate the waveguides by passive pick-and-place assembly, resulting in a coupling loss of ~1 dB per interface. Design and fabrication of glass waveguides are studied, and 2-m-long spiral waveguides along with 12 × 12 optical shuffle waveguide layouts made on a 9'' × 12'' area glass sheet are demonstrated experimentally.