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Lossless audio coding using the IntMDCT and rounding error shaping

: Yokotani, Y.; Geiger, R.; Schuller, G.D.T.; Oraintara, S.; Rao, K.R.


IEEE transactions on audio, speech and language processing 14 (2006), No.6, pp.2201-2211
ISSN: 1558-7916
Journal Article
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In this paper, lossless audio coding using the integer modified discrete cosine transform (IntMDCT) is discussed. The IntMDCT is constructed as an integer approximation of the MDCT using the lifting scheme and is reversible. The rounding error shape of the IntMDCT is derived. When the spectral energy of the input audio signal is concentrated at the low frequencies, the rounding error spectrum limits the lossless coding performance. A method for shaping the rounding error in the transform domain is presented. This rounding error shaping scheme manipulates the error so that it is below the spectral envelope of the signal at the high frequencies in order to improve the lossless coding performance for the signal. Examples of an error shaping filter design are presented and verified by simulations. An IntMDCT-based lossless coding implementation is carried out to illustrate the use of the error shaping filters.