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Cloud rendering-based volumetric video streaming system for mixed reality services

: Gül, S.; Podborski, D.; Son, J.; Bhullar, G.S.; Buchholz, T.; Schierl, T.; Hellge, C.


Toni, L. ; Association for Computing Machinery -ACM-; Association for Computing Machinery -ACM-, Special Interest Group on Multimedia -SIGMM-:
MMSys 2020, 11th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference. Proceedings : June 8-11 ,2020, Istanbul, Turkey
New York: ACM, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-4503-6845-2
Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys) <11, 2020, Istanbul>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Volumetric video is an emerging technology for immersive representation of 3D spaces that captures objects from all directions using multiple cameras and creates a dynamic 3D model of the scene. However, processing volumetric content requires high amounts of processing power and is still a very demanding task for today's mobile devices. To mitigate this, we propose a volumetric video streaming system that offloads the rendering to a powerful cloud/edge server and only sends the rendered 2D view to the client instead of the full volumetric content. We use 6DoF head movement prediction techniques, WebRTC protocol and hardware video encoding to ensure low-latency in different parts of the processing chain. We demonstrate our system using both a browser-based client and a Microsoft HoloLens client. Our application contains generic interfaces that allow for easy deployment of various augmented/mixed reality clients using the same server implementation.