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Far-field polarization signatures of surface optical nonlinearity in noncentrosymmetric semiconductors

: Pakhomov, A.V.; Löchner, F.J.F.; Zschiedrich, L.; Saravi, S.; Hammerschmidt, M.; Burger, S.; Pertsch, T.; Setzpfandt, F.

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Scientific Reports 10 (2020), Art. 10545, 15 pp.
ISSN: 2045-2322
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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We analyse possibilities to quantitatively evaluate the surface second-order optical nonlinearity in noncentrosymmetric materials based on polarization-resolved analysis of far-field radiation patterns of second-harmonic generation. We analytically demonstrate that for plane-wave illumination the contribution to the second-harmonic signal from the surface of a nonlinear medium exhibits different polarization properties and angular dependencies compared to the contribution from the bulk. In view of this, we optimize the illumination geometry in order to enable the most efficient separation and comparison of both nonlinearities. Furthermore, we consider the illumination of an AlGaAs slab by a tightly-focused linearly-polarized Gaussian beam as an alternative measurement geometry. It is found that the reliable separation of the surface nonlinearity contribution as well as a wide range of detectable values can be achieved with this geometry as well.