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Measuring and improving agile processes in a small-size software development company

: Choraś, Michał; Springer, Tomasz; Kozik, Rafał; López, Lidia; Martínez-Fernández, Silverio; Ram, Prabhat; Rodriguez, Pilar; Franch, Xavier

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IEEE access 8 (2020), pp.78452-78466
ISSN: 2169-3536
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Software; Software measurement; Companies; Tools; Standards organizations

Context: Agile software development has become commonplace in software development companies due to the numerous benefits it provides. However, conducting Agile projects is demanding in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), because projects start and end quickly, but still have to fulfil customers' quality requirements. Objective: This paper aims at reporting a practical experience on the use of metrics related to the software development process as a means supporting SMEs in the development of software following an Agile methodology. Method: We followed Action-Research principles in a Polish small-size software development company. We developed and executed a study protocol suited to the needs of the company, using a pilot case. Results: A catalogue of Agile development process metrics practically validated in the context of a small-size software development company, adopted by the company in their Agile projects. Conclusions: Practitioners may adopt these metrics in their Agile projects, especially if working in an SME, and customise them to their own needs and tools. Academics may use the findings as a baseline for new research work, including new empirical studies.