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Evaluating the Efficiency of Power-to-X Technologies by adapting the VDI-Guideline 4663

: Eggers, Natascha; Böttger, Justin; Kerpen, Lukas; Sankol, Bernd; Birth, Torsten

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Created on: 26.6.2020

Hofbauer, H. ; TU Wien:
ICPS 2019, International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies. Proceedings : November 18-20, 2019, Vienna, Austria
Wien: TU Wien, 2019
ISBN: 978-3-9503671-1-9
International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies (ICPS) <2019, Vienna>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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The utilization and conversion of fossil energy sources can be identified as a main reason for greenhouse gas emission. Renewable energy will show a great potential to reduce the need of fossil energy sources, especially if it is combined with Power-to-X technologies. To allow a targeted optimization, the VDI-Guideline 4663 proposes a new method, the Physical Optimum (PhO), to evaluate the efficiency of a process. The basic challenge of this method is the development of an ideal reference process.
This work applies the Physical Optimum on a Power-to-X system and evaluates a component of the system. The paper discusses:
- The method of the Physical Optimum and the resulting PhO-Factor in general
- The implementation of the VDI-Guideline 4663 on complex industrial processes as an indicator of efficiency
- Power-to-X technologies in general and suitable system boundaries for an implementation on Power-to-X systems
- The implementation of the VDI-Guideline 4663 on a heat exchanger as an indicator of efficiency