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Mixin composition synthesis based on intersection types

: Bessai, J.; Chen, T.-C.; Dudenhefner, A.; Düdder, B.; De'liguoro, U.; Rehof, J.

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Logical methods in computer science : LMCS 14 (2018), No.1, Art. 18, 37 pp.
ISSN: 1860-5974
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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We present a method for synthesizing compositions of mixins using type inhabitation in intersection types. First, recursively defined classes and mixins, which are functions over classes, are expressed as terms in a lambda calculus with records. Intersection types with records and record-merge are used to assign meaningful types to these terms without resorting to recursive types. Second, typed terms are translated to a repository of typed combinators. We show a relation between record types with record-merge and intersection types with constructors. This relation is used to prove soundness and partial completeness of the translation with respect to mixin composition synthesis. Furthermore, we demonstrate how a translated repository and goal type can be used as input to an existing framework for composition synthesis in bounded combinatory logic via type inhabitation. The computed result is a class typed by the goal type and generated by a mixin composition applied to an existing class.