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Ultrasonic assisted dressing of vitrified CBN grinding wheel

: Tawakoli, Taghi; Westkämper, Engelbert; Rasifard, Abdolreza

International Institution for Production Engineering Research -CIRP-, Paris; Univ. of Liverpool, Department of Engineering:
40th CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems 2007. CD-ROM : Liverpool, 30 May - 1 June, 2007
Liverpool, 2007
6 pp.
International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems <40, 2007, Liverpool>
Conference Paper
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CBN-Schleifscheibe; grinding; grinding wheel; Schleifen

The full utilization of vitrified CBN grinding tools' advantages, especially in automated machinery, is only possible with appropriate preparation of CBN grinding tools. Although ultrasonic assistance has been successfully used for a long time in different machining processes, the use of its positive effects in dressing of superabrasive grinding tools is a new method, which has attracted researchers' attention in the last decade. The experimental investigation carried out at the KSF Institute showed that applying ultrasonic vibration to a stationary single point dressing tool in the dressing of vitrified CBN grinding wheels improves the ground surface quality and reduces the grinding forces. These results present the great potential of this new dressing process.