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Active double wall for reduction of noise emission of processing machines with high dynamic process excitation

: Quickert, M.; Illgen, A.; Kunze, H.

Active systems for dynamic markets. Conference proceedings. CD-ROM : 23./24.05.2007, Göttingen, Adaptronic Congress 2007
Göttingen: Adaptronic Congress Veranstaltungs GbR, 2007
Adaptronic Congress <11, 2007, Göttingen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Holografie; active noise control; vibration control; sound insulation

The construction of the machine covering is crucial for the noise emission of processing machines. The trade-off of different requirements e. g. for security and design demands leads to the effect that the acoustically optimal construction cannot be reached in all cases. Active approaches are tracked to reduce the well-known tonal problems of double walls at the transfer process of airborne and structure borne sound.