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Polypharmacology by Design: A Medicinal Chemist’s Perspective on Multitargeting Compounds

: Proschak, E.; Stark, H.; Merk, D.


Journal of medicinal chemistry 62 (2019), No.2, pp.420-444
ISSN: 0022-2623
ISSN: 1520-4804
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IME ()

Multitargeting compounds comprising activity on more than a single biological target have gained remarkable relevance in drug discovery owing to the complexity of multifactorial diseases such as cancer, inflammation, or the metabolic syndrome. Polypharmacological drug profiles can produce additive or synergistic effects while reducing side effects and significantly contribute to the high therapeutic success of indispensable drugs such as aspirin. While their identification has long been the result of serendipity, medicinal chemistry now tends to design polypharmacology. Modern in vitro pharmacological methods and chemical probes allow a systematic search for rational target combinations and recent innovations in computational technologies, crystallography, or fragment-based design equip multitarget compound development with valuable tools. In this Perspective, we analyze the relevance of multiple ligands in drug discovery and the versatile toolbox to design polypharmacology. We conclude that despite some characteristic challenges remaining unresolved, designed polypharmacology holds enormous potential to secure future therapeutic innovation.