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Experimentally measured thermal masses of adsorption heat exchangers

: Gluesenkamp, K.R.; Frazzica, A.; Velte, A.; Metcalf, S.; Yang, Z.; Rouhani, M.; Blackman, C.; Qu, M.; Laurenz, E.; Rivero-Pacho, A.; Hinmers, S.; Critoph, R.; Bahrami, M.; Füldner, G.; Hallin, I.

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Energies 13 (2020), No.5, Art. 1150, 21 pp.
ISSN: 1996-1073
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Thermische Systeme und Gebäudetechnik; adsorption; inactive mass; mass ratio; resorption; specific thermal mass; thermal mass; energieeffizientes Gebäude; Thermische Speicher für Gebäude; Wärmepumpe

The thermal masses of components influence the performance of many adsorption heat pump systems. However, typically when experimental adsorption systems are reported, data on thermal mass are missing or incomplete. This work provides original measurements of the thermal masses for experimental sorption heat exchanger hardware. Much of this hardware was previously reported in the literature, but without detailed thermal mass data. The data reported in this work are the first values reported in the literature to thoroughly account for all thermal masses, including heat transfer fluid. The impact of thermal mass on system performance is also discussed, with detailed calculation left for future work. The degree to which heat transfer fluid contributes to overall effective thermal mass is also discussed, with detailed calculation left for future work. This work provides a framework for future reporting of experimental thermal masses. The utilization of this framework will enrich the data available for model validation and provide a more thorough accounting of adsorption heat pumps.