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Jet Dispersion of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes and Correlation with Suspension Rheology

: Dresel Alexander; Teipel, Ulrich

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Chemical Engineering and Technology 43 (2020), No.5, pp.869-878
ISSN: 0930-7516
ISSN: 1521-4125
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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carbon nanotubes; Jet dispersion; kinetic model; multiwall carbon nanotubes; rheology

A novel jet dispersion technique was developed and investigated which enabled excellent carbon nanotube (CNT) dispersion by high exfoliation at even very low pressure drops. Suitable procedures were developed for the characterization of agglomerate size and fraction of individual CNTs. The appropriate characterization enabled the definition of a dimensionless dispersing parameter and the development of a kinetic model that describes CNT dispersion in dependence of the volumetric energy input. The rheological behavior of CNT suspensions in steady-shear flows was investigated and demonstrated how the agglomerate fracture and CNT individualization influence the suspension viscosity.