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Certification of Openness - Corner Stone of an Agile PLM Strategy

: Hertwig, Michael; Trippner, Dietmar; Lentes, Joachim

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Procedia manufacturing 39 (2019), pp.1383-1391
ISSN: 2351-9789
International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation - Cyber Physical Manufacturing <25, 2019, Chicago/Ill.>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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The change in products is taking place rapidly, from primarily electromechanical components to cyber physical systems. The associated digitalization in development, production and use is primarily based on data. In order to increase the potentials, a high quality, timeliness and availability of the data is necessary. Due to the increasing number of IT-based systems, interoperability between them is becoming more important. Without the appropriate interfaces and the openness of the systems, additional effort is required. If an appropriate PLM strategy is in current discussion, the principles of "agile strategy development" show high potential. With the further development of the Code of PLM Openness into a certification approach, it is possible to generate a base for an agile product life cycle management. In order to ensure the openness of systems, the developing company must also be in focus.