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Bidirectional Interoperability of Product Engineering and Manufacturing Enhancing Mass Customization

: Sakowski, A.; Dangelmaier, Manfred; Hertwig, Michael; Spath, Dieter

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Procedia manufacturing 39 (2019), pp.81-89
ISSN: 2351-9789
International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation - Cyber Physical Manufacturing <25, 2019, Chicago/Ill.>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Due to the global trend of spreading interconnectedness smart factories evolve and manufacturing entities become cyber-physical systems. This enables mass customization as it allows directing a product through manufacturing individually. However, customer demands can change quickly, and a rapid respond is vital for successful individualization. Therefore, a learning process from every iteration should not only take place in manufacturing but in product engineering as well. Still, there is hardly any interface allowing a bidirectional stream of data up and down the development process. In this paper an approach for realizing bidirectional interoperability between product engineering and manufacturing is developed. The state of the art regarding data exchange and the requirements that data and information systems must join are analysed. Based on the results, this paper elaborates a concept of an information technology architecture enabling bidirectional interoperability. Hence, two theoretical scenarios on the possible deployment of manufacturing information in product engineering are discussed.