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Reaction-to-fire parameters of CE/epoxy blend-based CF/FF and BF/FF hybrid composites

: Dreyer, Christian; Luca Motoc, Dana


Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 142 (2020), No.2, pp.661-669
ISSN: 1418-2874
ISSN: 1388-6150
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()
cyanate ester; epoxy resin; carbon fibre; basalt fibre; flax fibre; reaction-to-fire parameters

The paper investigates and compares the fire reaction of cyanate ester/epoxy polymer blend-based natural/synthetic hybrid composites. Different stacking sequences of carbon or basalt fibres along with flax fabrics were compressed, moulded and subjected to an incident heat flux of 50 kW m−2 for reaction-to-fire parameter’s identification using cone calorimetry. Considerable reductions in heat release rate, total heat release and CO2 produced were obtained for cyanate ester/epoxy-based composites compared with an epoxy-based benchmark. On the other hand, the fire growth index improved considerably with the increase in synthetic layers, approx. 70% and 103% for the composite architectures embedding CF reinforcements, 63% and 99% for the BF, respectively. The synthetic fibre content and type did not change significantly time-to-ignition values, but significant differences were recorded at the peak of heat released rate while switching from a resin system to another.