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CHARISMA - 5G Low Latency Technologies and their Interaction with Automotion¹ Control Loops

: Ulbricht, M.; Dockhorn, P.; Zia, U.F.; Liss, C.; Zetserov, E.; Habel, K.; Parker, M.


Journal of communications 13 (2018), No.11, pp.667-672
ISSN: 1796-2021
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

This paper presents the low latency improvements achieved by the key technologies in the 5G-PPP CHARISMA project. CHARISMA uses an hierarchically organizes RAN architecture in combination with FPGA based hardware accelerated network functions to achieve the 5G low latency KPI’s. We show a significant improvement in the operational results as compared to the initial CHARISMA performance. We also include a visualisation platform showing the latency impact on a discrete automotive control application.