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Testbed for thermal imager characterization using an infrared scene projector

: Koerber, M.; Wegner, D.; Schwarz, B.; Ritt, G.; Kessler, S.; Eberle, B.


Huckridge, David A. (Hrsg.) ; Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers -SPIE-, Bellingham/Wash.:
Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XV : 12-13 September 2018, Berlin, Germany
Bellingham, WA: SPIE, 2018 (Proceedings of SPIE 10795)
ISBN: 978-1-5106-2173-2
ISBN: 978-1-5106-2174-9
Paper 107950K, 14 pp.
Conference Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems - Technology and Applications <15, 2018, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

Based on previous work on thermal imager performance analysis at Fraunhofer IOSB using specific scenes and patterns, we present our advances in setting up a testbed for thermal imager characterization with a MIRAGE™ XL infrared scene projector.
In the first part, we outline the experimental setup of our testbed. It allows for mimicking infrared imaging of real scenes in a controlled laboratory environment. We describe the process of dynamic infrared scene generation as well as the physical limitations of our scene projection setup.
A second part discusses ongoing and future applications. This testbed extends our standard lab measurements for thermal imagers by a image based performance analysis method. Scene based methods are necessary to investigate and assess advanced digital signal processing (ADSP) algorithms which are becoming an integral part of thermal imagers. We use this testbed to look into inferences of unknown proprietary ADSP algorithms by choosing suitable test scenes.
Furthermore, we investigate the influence of dazzling on thermal imagers by coupling infrared laser radiation into the projected scene. The studies allow to evaluate the potential and hazards of infrared dazzling and to describe correlated effects. In a future step, we want to transfer our knowledge of VIS/NIR laser protection into the infrared regime.