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Digital Twin

: Stark, Rainer; Damerau, Thomas


Chatti, S. ; International Academy for Production Engineering -CIRP-, Paris:
CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering. Online resource
Berlin: Springer (Springer reference)
ISBN: 978-3-642-35950-7
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()

Definition: A digital twin is a digital representation of an active unique product (real device, object, machine, service, or intangible asset) or unique product-service system (a system consisting of a product and a related service) that comprises its selected characteristics, properties, conditions, and behaviors by means of models, information, and data within a single or even across multiple life cycle phases.
Theory and Application: The term digital twin (DT) was coined by Vickers and introduced as “Mirrored Spaces Model” concept by Grieves in the first executive Product Lifecycle Management courses at the University of Michigan in 2002 (Grieves 2005, 2014, 2016). The concept of the DT has historically evolved from the aerospace industry and has since then been translated into many areas. This may also be a cause for the fact that there is no uniform accepted scientific definition of the term, yet. Nevertheless, the subject was researched intensively during...