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Mechanical Properties of Single-pass Hybrid Laser Arc Welded 25 mm Thick-walled Structures Made of Fine-grained Structural Steel

: Üstündag, Ömer; Gook, Sergej; Gumenyuk, Andrey; Rethmeier, Michael

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Procedia manufacturing 36 (2019), pp.112-120
ISSN: 2351-9789
Nordic Laser Material Processing Conference (NOLAMP) <17, 2019, Trondheim>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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hybrid laser arc welding; thick-walled structures; high-strength steel; mechanical properties; electromagnetic weld pool support

The presented study deals with the performing and mechanical testing of single pass hybrid laser-arc welds (HLAW) on 25 mm thick plates made of steel grade S355J2. One of the challenges have to be solved at full penetration HLAW of thick plates is the drop formation occurring due to the disbalances of the forces acting in the keyhole and on the melt pool surface. Such irregularities mostly limit the use of high-power laser beam welding or HLAW of thick-walled constructions. To overcome this problem, an innovative concept of melt pool support based on generating Lorentz forces in the weld pool is used in this work. This method allows to perform high quality welds without sagging even for welding of 25 mm thick plates in flat position at a welding speed of 0.9 m min-1. For the obtain of full penetrated welds a laser beam power of 19 kW was needed. A high V-impact energy of up to 160 J could be achieved at the test temperature of 0 °C. Even at the most critical part in the weld root an impact energy of 60 J in average could be reached. The tensile strength of the weld reaches that of the base material. An introduce of the HLAW process with electromagnetic support of the melt pool in the industrial practice is an efficient alternative to the time- and cost-intensive arc-based multi-layer welding techniques which are established nowadays for joining of thick-walled constructions.