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ACMUS-MIR: A new annotated data set of Andean Colombian music

: Mora-Ángel, Fernando; López Gil, Gustavo A.; Cano, Estefanía; Grollmisch, Sascha

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DLfM 2019, 6th International Conference on Digital Libraries for Musicology. Programme. Online resource : 9th November 2019, Delft, The Netherlands, A satellite event of ISMIR 2019
Online im WWW, 2019
5 pp.
International Conference on Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM) <6, 2019, Delft>
International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR Conference) <20, 2019, Delft>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IDMT ()

The music from the Andean region of Colombia has many particularities in terms of tempo, meter complexity and sesquialteras, tuning systems, scales, timbre, and texture. These particularities make its analysis with state-of-the-art music information retrieval (MIR) methods both interesting and challenging. To support future research efforts in the context of Andean Colombian music, a new public data set was compiled and annotated by expert musicologists in Colombia. Our collection comprises three subsets: (1) The rhythm set with tempo and meter annotations, (2) the instrumental format set including number and types of instruments for each recording, and (3) the scale set reporting the musical scale of each audio segment. The data set was conceived with the goal of supporting the development of MIR techniques better suited for extraction of semantic information in Andean Colombian music. We hope that our data set will also encourage a wide range of studies in the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, and music information retrieval.