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Supraparticles with silica protection for redispersible, calcined nanoparticles

: Wintzheimer, Susanne; Miller, Franziska; Prieschl, Johannes; Retter, Marion; Mandel, Karl

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Nanoscale advances 1 (2019), No.11, pp.4277-4281
ISSN: 2516-0230
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Silica; Shells (structures); Silica nanospheres

Calcination of nanoparticles is always accompanied by undesired sintering. A calcination route preventing hard-agglomeration to bulk lumps, which is transferable to almost any kind of metal oxide nanoparticle, is developed by surrounding targeted nanoparticles by silica nanoparticles within a nanostructured microparticle. After calcination, the desired nanoparticles are regained as a monodisperse sol via silica dissolution.