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Mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete modified by nano-particles

: Gao, Chang; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Jin, Ruoyu; Chen, Haoze


Construction & building materials : CBM 241 (2020), Art. 118030, 15 pp.
ISSN: 0950-0618
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
recycled aggregate concrete (RAC); recycled clay brick aggregate (RCBA); nanoparticle; mechanical properties; interfacial transition zone (ITZ); ultrasonication

In this study, different nano-particles were used to modify recycled aggregates concrete (RAC) containing recycled clay brick aggregates (RCBAs) to improve the RAC properties. Two stages of experimental works were performed. In the first stage, various nano-particle mixtures produced by different mixing methods, i.e. the use of surfactant and ultrasonication, were examined by optical microscope to evaluate the dispersion of the nano-particles in water liquid. The nano-particles modified cement mortar specimens were further evaluated by flexural tensile test to check how these mixing methods affect the properties of the nano-particle modified cement mortar. In the second experimental stage, the effects of four replacement ratios of recycled aggregates, three type of nano-particles, two mixing methods of RAC, additional surfactant and ultrasonication process used in the mix of nano-particle liquid, and the dosages of the nano-particles on the workability, compressive and split tensile properties of the nano-particle modified RAC were investigated.