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Methodology for Integration of Additive Manufacturing in Tool Manufacturing Process Chains

: Bergs, Thomas; Arntz, Kristian; Wollbrink, Moritz

Broeckmann, C. ; Technologie Marketing AG -TEMA-:
11th Tooling Conference & Exhibition 2019 : 12-16 May 2019, Aachen, Germany; DVD-ROM
Aachen: TEMA Technologie Marketing, 2019
8 pp.
Tooling Conference & Exhibition <11, 2019, Aachen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
additive manufacturing; process planning; methodology; process chain; post-processing; tooling

In the past years, additive manufacturing (AM) enriched the tool manufacturing with a group of new technologies. This implicates two action fields for tooling industry. 1) Toolmaking companies are experts for precision manufacturing of complex metal components. Regarding AM technologies, which do not reach typical tolerances for toolmaking, the imperative is to integrate AM in process chains. 2) Toolmaking is one of a kind production. Hence, toolmaking companies are equipped with manufacturing and planning systems to handle individual components. 1) and 2) indicate the eligibility for the integration of AM. The paper points out an approach of the integration of AM technologies in an existing machinery. It explains the stepwise procedure of status quo machinery analysis, machinery performance evaluation, workpiece identification and process chain development. The machinery analysis incudes i.a. an overview of available technologies and knowledge and a gap analysis to available technologies on the market. Machinery performance is compared to database data (Fraunhofer IPT has an extensive database of toolmakers machinery performance) to classify the companys equipment. The workpiece identification is based on dominant workpiece features, which determine a group of technological possible manufacturing technologies. Based on, an integrated AM process chain can be created.