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Ultrasonic torsion welding of ageing-resistant Al/CFRP joints: Properties, microstructure and joint formation

: Staab, Florian; Balle, Frank


Ultrasonics 93 (2019), pp.139-144
ISSN: 0041-624X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()
ultrasonic welding; aluminum; fiber reinforced thermoplastics; ageing resistant; hybrid structures; multi-material-design

Ultrasonic metal welding is a promising process for joining light metals with fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. The technique is characterized by high reproducibility, short process times, low energy input, no additional filler materials and finally the possibility of extensive process data logging. With this process, dissimilar aerospace materials are ultrasonically welded and the applied process parameters are optimized by statistical methods. A prediction of ageing resistance is possible by the evaluation of the electrical resistivity of the multi-material-joints. With the help of detailed process parameter recording and microscopic investigations, the bonding mechanism of hybrid AA5024/(GF-)CF-PEEK joints is explained and the kinematics of bonding formation is presented in detail.