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Actin droplet machine

: Adamatzky, Andrew; Schnauß, Jörg; Huber, Florian

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Royal Society Open Science 6 (2019), No.12, Art. 191135, 16 pp.
ISSN: 2054-5703
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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actin network; automata; computing; finite-state machine; logical gates; waves

The actin droplet machine is a computer model of a three-dimensional network of actin bundles developed in a droplet of a physiological solution, which implements mappings of sets of binary strings. The actin bundle network is conductive to travelling excitations, i.e. impulses. The machine is interfaced with an arbitrary selected set of k electrodes through which stimuli, binary strings of length k represented by impulses generated on the electrodes, are applied and responses are recorded. The responses are recorded in a form of impulses and then converted to binary strings. The machine’s state is a binary string of length k: if there is an impulse recorded on the ith electrode, there is a ‘1’ in the ith position of the string, and ‘0’ otherwise. We present a design of the machine and analyse its state transition graphs. We envisage that actin droplet machines could form an elementary processor of future massive parallel computers made from biopolymers.