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Direct modulation and mode locking of 1.3 µm quantum dot lasers

: Kuntz, M.; Fiol, G.; Lämmlin, M.; Bimberg, D.; Thompson, M.G.; Tan, K.T.; Marinelli, C.; Wonfor, A.; Sellin, R.; Penty, R.V.; White, I.H.; Ustinov, V.M.; Zhukov, A.E.; Shernyakov, Y.M.; Kovsh, A.R.; Ledentsov, N.N.; Schubert, C.; Marembert, V.

Postprint (PDF; )

New journal of physics. Online journal 6 (2004), pp.181
ISSN: 1367-2630
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We report 7 GHz cut-off frequency, 2.5 and 5Gb s(-1) eye pattern measurements upon direct modulation of 1.3 mum quantum dot lasers grown without incorporating phosphorus in the layers. Passive mode-locking is achieved from very low frequencies up to 50 GHz and hybrid mode-locking is achieved up to 20 GHz. The minimum pulse width of the Fourier-limited pulses at 50 GHz is 3 ps, with an uncorrelated timing jitter below 1 ps. The lasers are optimized for high frequency operation by a ridge waveguide design that includes etching through the active layer and ridge widths down to 1 mum. The far-field shape for 1 mum is close to circular with a remaining asymmetry of 1.2.