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Ultrafast quantum control of ionization dynamics in krypton

: Hütten, K.; Mittermair, M.; Stock, S.O.; Beerwerth, R.; Shirvanyan, V.; Riemensberger, J.; Duensing, A.; Heider, R.; Wagner, M.S.; Guggenmos, A.; Fritzsche, S.; Kabachnik, N.M.; Kienberger, R.; Bernhardt, B.

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Nature Communications 9 (2018), Art. 719, 5 pp.
ISSN: 2041-1723
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Ultrafast spectroscopy with attosecond resolution has enabled the real time observation of ultrafast electron dynamics in atoms, molecules and solids. These experiments employ attosecond pulses or pulse trains and explore dynamical processes in a pump–probe scheme that is selectively sensitive to electronic state of matter via photoelectron or XUV absorption spectroscopy or that includes changes of the ionic state detected via photo-ion mass spectrometry. Here, we demonstrate how the implementation of combined photo-ion and absorption spectroscopy with attosecond resolution enables tracking the complex multidimensional excitation and decay cascade of an Auger auto-ionization process of a few femtoseconds in highly excited krypton. In tandem with theory, our study reveals the role of intermediate electronic states in the formation of multiply charged ions. Amplitude tuning of a dressing laser field addresses different groups of decay channels and allows exerting temporal and quantitative control over the ionization dynamics in rare gas atoms.