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Generation of two human isogenic iPSC lines from fetal dermal fibroblasts

: Tandon, R.; Brändl, B.; Baryshnikova, N.; Landshammer, A.; Steenpaß, L.; Keminer, O.; Pless, O.; Müller, F.-J.

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Stem cell research 33 (2018), pp.120-124
ISSN: 1873-5061
ISSN: 1876-7753
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Two isogenic hiPSC lines, ZIPi013-B and ZIPi013-E, were generated by reprogramming fetal dermal fibroblasts with episomal vectors. Previously, the same fetal fibroblasts were reprogrammed multiple times in a study comparing other reprogramming methods. As a consequence, the genomes have been sequenced multiple times. Both new cell lines offer the opportunity to study basic stem cell biology and model human disease. They can be applied as reference cell lines for creating isogenic clones bearing disease mutations on a well-characterized genomic background, as both cell lines have demonstrated excellent differentiation capacity in multiple labs.