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Taraxacum brevicorniculatum rubber elongation factor TbREF associates with lipid droplets and affects lipid turn-over in yeast

: Bröker, J.N.; Laibach, N.; Müller, B.; Prüfer, D.; Schulze Gronover, C.

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Biotechnology Reports 20 (2018), Art. e00290, 7 pp.
ISSN: 2215-017X
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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A protein named TbREF that is localized on rubber particles of the rubber producing dandelion species Taraxacum brevicorniculatum was expressed in tobacco leaves and in yeast. TbREF fused to fluorescence proteins colocalized on globular, hydrophobic structures, most likely lipid droplets. Furthermore, triacylglycerol, sterol and total lipid content of TbREF expressing yeast was determined by photometric analyses of nile red stainings and GC–MS analyses. Therefore, yeast exposed an enhanced nile red fluorescence as well as an increased TAG and sterol content compared to wildtype and vector control. Altogether, these findings gave new insights into the putative function of TbREF that might be pushing rubber particle production due to its cytotoxic nature and/or shielding and preventing degradation of lipid droplets. Furthermore, these results highlight possible biotechnological applications regarding the accumulation of hydrophobic compounds in lipid droplet like structures.