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Measurement of the Irganox content in polypropylene polymers during extrusion

: Becker, W.; Eisenreich, N.


Journal of near infrared spectroscopy 13 (2005), No.3, pp.147-154
ISSN: 0967-0335
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Near infrared spectroscopy was used as an in-line control system for the measurement of polypropylene filled with different amounts of Irganox additives. For this purpose transmission probes were installed in an extruder. The probes can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees C and pressures up to 60MPa. Transmission spectra of polypropylene mixed with an Irganox additive were recorded. PCA score plot was carried out revealing the influence of varying conditions for the mixing of the sample preparation. Prediction models were generated with partial least square regression which resulted in a model which estimated Irganox with a coefficient of detremination of 0.984 and a root mean square error of prediction of 0.098%. Furthermore the possibilities for controlling process conditions by measuring transmission at a specific wavelength were shown.