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Short-wavelength quantum cascade lasers

Kurz-wellige Quantenkaskadenlaser
: Yang, Quankui K.; Manz, Christian; Bronner, Wolfgang; Köhler, Klaus; Wagner, Joachim

Photonics spectra 41 (2007), No.4, pp.64-69
ISSN: 0030-395X
ISSN: 0891-5350
ISSN: 0731-1230
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
short-wavelength; kurzwellig; Quantenkaskadenlaser; quantum cascade laser

Quantum-cascade lasers are unipolar light sources based on only one type of carrier, usually electrons, making intersubband (intraband) transitions between confined energy levels within the conduction band. Generally, such lasers can cover a wide wavelength range using the same matertial system. They are fabricated using gallium indium arsenide (GaInAs) and aluminum indium arsenide (AllnAs) materials combination, growth lattide-matched on indium phosphide (InP) substrates.