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Degree of Digital Autonomy - Deriving Generic Strategies for Digital Transformation of Industrial Enterprises

Presentation held at 1. Stuttgarter Tagung zur Zukunft der Automobilproduktion; Der Weg zur wandlungsfähigen Produktion, 26. September 2019, Stuttgart
: Hesping, Steffen

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Created on: 5.12.2019

2019, 10 Folien
Tagung "Zukunft der Automobilproduktion" <1, 2019, Stuttgart>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
autonome Fertigung; Digitale Transformation; Digitalisierung; Industrie; Strategie

The industry faces the challenge of strategically planning the digital transformation. Due to the required holistic view, from manufacturing system to business models, the decision-making space is large and confusing. Managers of industrial companies need a practicable solution to segment the decision-making space according to fundamental strategic orientations - so-called generic strategies. Based on an empirical study, a procedure was developed for deriving generic strategies for digitization of industrial enterprises.