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Validation of the group tasks uncertainty model (MITAG) in a German sample

: Leuteritz, Jan-Paul; Navarro, José; Berger, Rita

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Created on: 30.11.2019

PLoS one. Online journal 14 (2019), No.11, Art. e0224485, 13 pp.
ISSN: 1932-6203
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Task uncertainty is a key factor in teamwork research. This study analyzed the psychometric characteristics of the Spanish Model of Group Tasks Uncertainty (MITAG) in two German samples. The participants (501 team members and 104 team leaders from a German research organization) answered the MITAG together with selected items from the German Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS) and the instrument Ambiguity facets of work (Ambiguitätsfacetten der Arbeit, AfA). Confirmatory factor analysis did not reproduce the original 4-factor structure in the German sample, although the 3 newly identified factors unclarity of goals, new situations, and non-routine resemble the original factors. Results showed sound internal consistency and confirmed the convergent and discriminant validity of the new factors. The MITAG offers a concept-based short scale for researchers and practitioners.